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Algorithmic Dynamic Pricing

Our algorithms dynamically optimize product prices to their optimal point by incorporating both internal and external signals.

Algorithmic Dyamic Pricing

Our unique methodology combines internally visible factors such as inventory, cost and demand forecasts with outside factors like competitive prices for equivalent products. By obtaining a high resolution view on competitive positions on the market, our algorithms work efficiently around the demand-price inflection points.

Furthermore, our full integration with the customer behavioral patterns on our clients' e-commerce websites enables our algorithms to see the real unconstrained demand for a product and not just its past sales performance. This often reveals previously unrecognized misalignments in the pricing structure that produce sub-optimal outcomes both for customers and the business.

Our technology can update the price of products continously during the day or much more slowly - all based on the operational needs of the business. Ultimately, our key objective is to ensure changes in market demand or competitive response are accounted for in the appropriate timeframe to ensure the best possible product-price-market fit at all times.

Personalized Incentives

Our advanced proprietary algorithms anonymously leverage 100+ behavioral, demographic and historical indicators to establish elasticities and sensitivities behind various customer micro-segments in real-time.

Personalized Incentives

Our approach to distributing promotional incentives hinges on a sustained ability to learn and understand the sensitivities of customers. Once deployed, our models enable highly effective distribution of pricing and promotional incentives to customers who maximally enjoy them and benefit from their contents.

Through our platform, we deploy a suite of algorithms to automatically model changes in key outcomes for each visitor as a result of incentives. These predicted key indicators can then form the basis for the distribution of automated incentives, in real-time, directly to each customer.

The extreme flexibility of our platform enables our project teams to craft algorithms that are specifically tailored to operational concerns facing each of our individual clients.

Personalized Marketing

The ability to reach out to each customer with the right offer mix and richness at the right frequency based on predicted outcomes unlocks a level of effectiveness out of reach through the old methods.

Personalized Marketing

We deploy the combined power of all our algorithmic optimization and advanced software capabilities to don our clients with a sophisticated toolchain that unlocks maximal marketing ROI from deployed offers and incentives.

Our approach simultaneously maximizes a mix of metrics that target short term and long term outcomes:
  1. Direct Revenue Returns on Investment
  2. Customer Lifetime Revenues
  3. Customer Retention and Relationship Optimization
  4. Customer Interaction Points
Our Personalized Marketing solution also brings a high level of automation and a principled approach to controling Direct Marketing operations. Once deployed, managers can predict revenue outcomes of hypothetical marketing budgets or conversely determine the right budget to achieve a their marketing goals. Execution mistakes are minimized in the process, while resulting data capture enables highly detailed post-mortems that drive further learning.

Competitive Intelligence

Our clients in hyper-competitive industries care a great deal about maintaining 100% visibility on their competitors. Our solution deploys insight-extracting analyses, in real-time, that provide a 360-degree view on entire industries.

Competitive Intelligence
Not Just Raw Data: Our solution goes far beyond a raw data dump of competitors' products. For each industry we track, we go to great lengths to harmoize products, categories, brands, promotional strategies and many more elements across all major players in the market.
Our sophisticated analysis pipelines extract highly insightful stories about the competitive landscape. Here are some examples:
  • What percentage of a given brand's products are discounted across the various retailers?
  • How are promotional strategies deployed for each brand at each retailer?
  • What's the brand-product overlap among various retailers? What percentage of a brand's products that retailer A carries are carried by retailer B? Is one of the retailers achieving a unique product mix?
Numerous insights obtained through our Competitive Intelligence dashboards gives our clients full market visibility and enables them to strategically steer their company towards unique positions in their market, while taking advantage of tactical opportunities in the competitive landscape.

We tailor a powerful solution that fits your operational realities.

Our Values

Our Clients

We work with a select group of leaders in retail, hospitality and travel industries where our analytics-driven and highly-tailored approach creates an extraordinary alignment with underlying consumer preferences and significant improvements in our clients’ performance.

Our Mission

To bring our clients the power of cutting-edge predictive analytics that unearth hidden customer insights, produce immediate results and evolve into lasting capabilities.

Our Approach

We combine our advanced cloud-based, SaaS technology platform with an investigative approach to produce highly substantial results for our clients. This all-inclusive approach allows us to go beyond “cookie-cutter” formulas while achieving very short ramp-up timeframes and rapid results.

Data Science

Breakthrough insights flow from data. We go to great lengths to capture, harmonize and enrich highly diversified aspects of customer data. Our algorithms make use of behavioral, historical, geo-fenced, demographic and survey-based sources of customer data to synthesize robust predictions about consumer behavior.

We would be thrilled to help you achieve your strategic objectives.