Widengle is a highly specialized SaaS analytics platform that performs predictive analyses on the behavioral patterns of the visitors on your website. By harmonizing vast amounts of data from your visitors’ click-trails, Widengle can find hidden pockets of sensitivity in your customer base and recommend promotional actions that significantly boost the effectiveness of your website.

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Algorithmic Dynamic Pricing

Our capabilities zoom into the right price point for maximizing revenue or profits capture, while incorporating both internal and external signals.

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Personalized Incentives

Our advanced proprietary algorithms leverage 100+ behavioral, demographic and historical indicators to establish elasticities and sensitivities behind each faceless website visitor in real-time.

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Personalized Marketing

The ability to reach out to each customer with the right offer mix and richness at the right frequency based on predicted outcomes unlocks a level of effectiveness out of reach through the old methods.

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Competitive Intelligence

Our clients in hyper-competitive industries care a great deal about maintaining 100% visibility on their competitors. Our solution deploys insight-extracting analyses, in real-time, that provide a 360-degree view on entire industries.

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We tailor a powerful solution that fits your operational realities.

Our Clients

We work with a select group of leaders in retail, hospitality and travel industries where our analytics-driven and highly-tailored approach creates an extraordinary alignment with underlying consumer preferences and significant improvements in our clients’ performance.

Our Mission

To bring our clients the power of cutting-edge predictive analytics that unearth hidden customer insights, produce immediate results and evolve into lasting capabilities.

Our Approach

We combine our advanced cloud-based, SaaS technology platform with an investigative approach to produce highly substantial results for our clients. This all-inclusive approach allows us to go beyond “cookie-cutter” formulas while achieving very short ramp-up timeframes and rapid results.

Data Science

Breakthrough insights flow from data. We go to great lengths to capture, harmonize and enrich highly diversified aspects of customer data. Our algorithms make use of behavioral, historical, geo-fenced, demographic and survey-based sources of customer data to synthesize robust predictions about consumer behavior.

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