Our Solutions

At Soostone, we combine our unique, mission-specific software technologies with a highly tailored project-based approach that produces significant and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Personalized Marketing

The ability to reach out to each customer with the right offer mix and richness at the right frequency based on predicted outcomes unlocks a level of effectiveness out of reach through the old methods.

We deploy the combined power of all our algorithmic optimization and advanced software capabilities to don our clients with a sophisticated toolchain that unlocks maximal marketing ROI from deployed offers and incentives.

Our approach simultaneously maximizes a mix of metrics that target short term and long term outcomes:

  1. Direct Revenue Returns on Investment
  2. Customer Lifetime Revenues
  3. Customer Retention and Relationship Optimization
  4. Customer Interaction Points

Our Personalized Marketing solution also brings a high level of automation and principled control to Direct Marketing operations. Once deployed, managers can predict revenue outcomes of hypothetical marketing budgets or conversely determine the right budget to achieve a certain revenue target. Execution mistakes are minimized through the process, while resulting data capture enables highly detailed post-mortems to learn from.