Our Solutions

At Soostone, we combine our unique, mission-specific software technologies with a highly tailored project-based approach that produces significant and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Personalized Incentives

Our advanced proprietary algorithms leverage 100+ behavioral, demographic and historical indicators to establish elasticities and sensitivities behind each faceless website visitor in real-time.

Our approach to distributing promotional incentives hinges on a sustained ability to learn and understand the sensitivities of customers. Once deployed, our models enable highly effective distribution of pricing and promotional incentives to customers who maximally enjoy them and benefit from their contents.

Our Widengle platform deploys its suite of algorithms to automatically predict changes in key outcomes for each visitor as a result of incentives. Common examples are “Revenue Per Visitor”, “Chance to Convert” or “Chance to Spend over $500”. These predicted metrics can then directly be used to trigger distribution of automated incentives, in real time, directly to each visitor’s screen.