Our Solutions

At Soostone, we combine our unique, mission-specific software technologies with a highly tailored project-based approach that produces significant and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Competitive Intelligence

Our clients in hyper-competitive industries care a great deal about maintaining 100% visibility on their competitors. Our solution deploys insight-extracting analyses, in real-time, that provide a 360-degree view on entire industries.

Not Just Raw Data: Our solution goes far beyond a raw data dump of competitors’ products. For each industry we track, we go to great lengths to harmonize products, categories, brands, promotional strategies and many more elements across all major players in the market.

Our sophisticated analysis pipelines extract highly insightful stories about the competitive landscape. Here are some examples:

  • What percentage of a given brand’s products are discounted across the various retailers?
  • How are promotional strategies deployed for each brand at each retailer?
  • What’s the brand-product overlap among various retailers? What percentage of a brand’s products that retailer A carries are carried by retailer B? Is one of the retailers achieving a unique product mix?

Numerous insights obtained through our Competitive Intelligence dashboards gives our clients full market visibility and enable them to strategically steer their company towards unique positions in their market, while taking advantage of tactical opportunities in the competitive landscape.