Our Solutions

At Soostone, we combine our unique, mission-specific software technologies with a highly tailored project-based approach that produces significant and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Algorithmic Dynamic Pricing

Our capabilities zoom into the right price point for maximizing revenue or profits capture, while incorporating both internal and external signals.

Our unique methodology combines internally visible factors such as inventory, cost and demand forecasts with outside factors like competitive prices for equivalent products. By obtaining a high resolution view on competitive positions on the market, our algorithms work efficiently around the demand-price inflection points.

Furthermore, our full integration with the customer behavioral patterns on our clients’ e-commerce websites enables our algorithms to see the real unconstrained demand for a product and not just its past sales performance. This often reveals previously unrecognized misalignments in the pricing structure that produce sub-optimal outcomes both for customers and the business.

Our technology can update the price of products continuously during the day or much more slowly - all based on the operational needs of the business. Ultimately, our key objective is to ensure changes in market demand or competitive response are accounted for in the appropriate timeframe to capture maximum sales potential from the demand base vis-a-vis the competition.