Our Solutions

At Soostone, we combine our unique, mission-specific software technologies with a highly tailored project-based approach that produces significant and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Business-Aware Data Science enables our team to understand business-specific realities at our clients' organizations and develop imaginative solutions that do not exist elsewhere in the industry. We have produced several "An Industry First" moments while working collaboratively with our clients.

Software Technology makes it all possible and ensures sustainability of the gains from our projects. Unlike investigation-only projects, our work leaves in its trail a sustainable, ongoing operation. Unlike technology-only generic solutions, we create a large step change that can only be achieved by a deep understanding of client-specific business realities.

Our philosophy spans a combination of mission-specific fields:

Direct Marketing
Revenue Management
Category Management

Algorithmic Dynamic Pricing

Our capabilities zoom into the right price point for maximizcing revenue or profits capture, while incorporating both internal and external signals.

Personalized Incentives

The ability to reach out to each customer with the right offer mix and richness at the right frequency based on predicted outcomes unlocks a level of effectiveness out of reach through the old methods.

Personalized Marketing

Our advanced proprietary algorithms anonymously leverage 100+ behavioral, demographic and historical indicators to establish elasticities and sensitivities behind various customer micro-segments in real-time.

Competitive Intelligence

Our clients in hyper-competitive industries care a great deal about maintaining 100% visibility on their competitors. Our solution deploys insight-extracting analyses, in real-time, that provide a 360-degree view on entire industries.

Let us push your key capabilities to the next level.