Key Features of Widengle

Predictive Analytics Built Into Your E-Commerce Website

Widengle is an advanced SaaS analytics platform that performs predictive analyses on the behavioral patterns of the visitors on your website. By harmonizing vast amounts of data from your visitors’ click-trails, Widengle can find hidden pockets of sensitivity in your customer base and recommend promotional actions that significantly boost the effectiveness of your website. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, it can be deployed in a matter of days with no upfront IT investment.

Behavioral & Demographics Enrichment

Widengle automatically merges several sources of outside information into your visitors’ behavioral patterns. By “enriching” the readily available visitor data with estimated variables like “Household Income” from US Census, “Dining Frequency” or “Most Favorite Airline”, Widengle brings in outside knowledge that can further explain visitor behavior on your website and boost its ability to predict the right alignment between your promotional actions and what can benefit your customers.

Real-Time Execution

Widengle was built from ground-up for real-time optimizations. It collects large throves of behavioral clickstream data from your website, and makes it available for algorithmic optimizations in a matter of miliseconds. The result is a capability in influencing and guiding customer experience on your website in real time.

Equally as important, Widengle provides the results from all optimization campaigns in real time. In a matter of minutes, your campaigns will start seeing results trickle in, giving your team confidence that everything is working as intended. If uncertain, a simple push of a button can pause or resume any given campaign.

Algorithmic Approach

Soostone’s proprietary algorithms leverage the latest advances in Machine Learning to discover where in your customer base your promotional actions are most potent. By using a customized Neural Net, for example, Widengle may suggest the right promotional strategy to present to a specific visitor on your website to maximize their experience with your website and optimize your chances of achieving a conversion you would otherwise miss.

Multi-Variate Testing

All of Widengle’s dynamic decision-making power is enabled by an advanced platform that has the entire database of visitor facts at its disposal, in real-time.

Simple Campaigns let your team create a detailed, multi-schema, multi-variate experimental scheme in a matter of minutes using their web browsers. The campaign can then be run immediately with results pouring in within seconds.

Campaign Protection

It is not enough to execute intelligent multi-variate optimizations. Under sustained operations, it is extremely important to ensure consistency in customer experience and prevent abuse by ill-intending parties on the internet.

Widengle has been built from ground-up to combat numerous challenges arising from a highly dynamic e-commerce website that serves millions of customers and battles several aggressive competitors.

Enterprise Ready

  • Built-in data-collection and web analytics engine for your website
  • Unlimited custom variables to capture domain-specific data
  • A vast ever-growing visitor database with unlimited historical data retention
  • Real-time harmonization and aggregation engine
  • Ability to enrich visitor data with internal and external sources of data
  • Real-time, per-visitor decision-making capabilities
  • A sophisticated, extensible, real-time decision-making support with multi-variate testing capabilities

Sophisticated Multi-Page Optimizations

Widengle also enables highly sophisticated optimizations that deploy multiple targeting models and determine the right experience for each website visitor based on arbitrarily complex optimization rules.

EDSL Campaigns present your team with an infinitely extensible environment where even the most complex decision making logic, or a new algorithm, can be implemented using a “Domain Specific Language” embedded in the extremely robust and secure Haskell programming language. The EDSL environment is extremely powerful and allows us to deploy highly dynamic and adaptive campaigns without any involvement by your IT team.

A Complete Cloud Based Solution

Widengle was designed as a total and complete solution for predictive optimizations on your website. Thanks to its cloud-based SaaS nature, it requires no upfront IT investment and can be operational in a matter of days. Following our philosophy for “sophisticated, but smart” over “simple, but insufficient”, Widengle comes equipped with a vast collection of capabilities that addresses all concerns for a quick ramp-up and long-term sustainability.

We would be delighted to discuss whether Widengle can help you achieve the growth you seek in your e-commerce operations.