Our Products

Soostone produces specialized software technology that aim to deliver immediate impact and a sustainable advantage to our clients. Our daily work involves crafting mission-critical, sophisticated software products that provide highly accurate, robust, parallelizable and volume-scalable results.

The explosion of high granularity data on every facet of consumer behavior has created numerous hypothetical growth opportunities for businesses. The challenge has been in transitioning from a raw capture of data to operational capabilities that execute insightful decisions on a sustainable basis.

Soostone draws on a team of experts in analytics, computer science, machine learning and managerial science to produce technological solutions that open new frontiers in leveraging data for optimal effect and create sustained impact.

Our technical expertise spans a combination of mission-specific fields:

Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling
Real-time Decision Systems
Large-Scale Computation and Cloud-Based Systems
Functional Programming and High-Assurance Software
Data Visualization and KPI Design
Service-Oriented Architectures
Web Application Development


Widengle is a highly specialized SaaS analytics platform that performs predictive analyses on the behavioral patterns of the visitors on your website. By harmonizing vast amounts of data from your visitors’ click-trails, Widengle can find hidden pockets of sensitivity in your customer base and recommend promotional actions that significantly boost the effectiveness of your website.

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